ModemLabs M-BUS NB-IoT Gateway



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ModemLabs M-BUS NB-IoT gateway are perfect for connecting any M-Bus meters to Cloud Platform. This device gives the possibility to connect 1, 50, 200 M-Bus slave receivers, depending on the model.


  • Wired M-BUS Master
  • Configuration through ModemLabs configurator software
  • Immediately usable
  • GLOBAL NB-IoT Bands ( B8, B20, etc. )




M-BUS NB-IoT Gateway


Max. 25.5kbps Downlink

Max. 16.7kbps Upling

Global NB-IoT Bands ( B8, B20, etc. )   

Antenna Interface 1x SMA Female
SIM Interface 1
Interface Wired M-BUS
Inputs 8 Digital Input controllable with Modbus TCP/IP protocol
Outputs 8 Digital Output controllable with Modbus TCP/IP protocol
Power Input Voltage: 10 to 26VDC
Operating Temperature -20 to +60 °C
Mounting DIN Rail, Wall-Mount
Casing ABS Enclosure
Certifications CE Certifications
IEC 61000-4-2
EN 55032/24
EN 60950-1
Dimensions Length: 157 mm
Width: 91 mm
Height: 58 mm
Warranty Period 2 Years
Application Market Industry, Wireless M-BUS Reading, Energy Efficiency, Automatic Metering Reading, IoT, Data Acquisition applications, SCADA & Telemetry for Electric and many other applications.




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